About Us

We are a group of investors with several years in this field who have constantly been profiting for several years with sports financial markets, more specifically in Football. It is essential to understand that we work with betting exchanges, not bookmakers.

The idea of creating this company arises because we understand that we are pioneers with our approach in a financial field where so many people invest money.

We are a company that wants to increase the personal gains of each student and the profits of our entire community. We think that constant support and always having professionals available to help at critical moments is a factor that will significantly increase anyone’s profits.

Essentially, it is crucial to understand that here we teach how to analyze Football in our way of seeing the game. In what we think will bring us profit. As mentors, we have the role of showing how we do it, but as you will understand during the course, we will open doors to your ideas, and also, from our experience, we will learn from the students. This life choice forces us to study and constantly evolve.

We want people to understand that we do not give predictions or tips. We help with game analysis and even help in live events. But we are not a company that tells students what to do. But it teaches the way the student has to go.

The primary motivation for this company is to give students tools to develop. As a community, we aim to increase the percentages of people making money in sports markets.